Basic project information

Project name Moravian Science Centre Brno
Project number CZ.1.05/3.2.00/09.0163
Realization date 1. 1. 2012 – 30. 11. 2014
Total subsidy amount 596 502 156 Kč
507 026 832,60 Kč from ERDF
89 475 323,40 Kč from SR
Priority axis Priority axis 3, Commercialization and popularization of R&D
Subsidy acceptor Southmoravian region

Project scope

The idea to create a science centre (SC) in Brno existed for many years and little by little many enthusiastic and capable people have switched in the process of fulfilling in, however the financial and political conditions never before enabled the creation of this institution.

The breakthrough came in year 2008 when the government call Operation program Science and Research for innovation (OP VaVpI) was issued and the idea of a science centre was implanted into the third Regional innovation strategy of the South Moravian Region (RIS3).

OP VaVpI directly counts on the creation and funding of several science centres in the Czech Republic in the period 2007-2013 as part of the third priority axis Commercialization and popularization of science and research in support area 3.2 Popularization, propagation and medialization of R&D.

RIS3 positions the creation of a science centre as one of it's priorities.

As part of fulfilling RIS3 the South Moravian Regional Government in cooperation with Brno City Municipality have made an Agreement on cooperation1), how's goal is to create a modern science centre in Brno.


The South Moravian Regional Government (JMK) has accepted the responsibility for preparation, realization and operation of the science centre. The project proposal creation for OP VaVpI was granted to the Regional development agency of south Moravia (RRAJM). JMK also committed to accept all expenses created before the acceptation of the proposal. The project proposal was granted funding by the Ministry of Education MŠMT on 13th December 2011, thanks to this project passed on to the realization phase. Hopefully nothing more will stand in the way of creating a modern science centre in Brno, one as this metropolitan city surely deserves.

Brno City Municipality as a financial partner has committed to participate in funding part of the operational budget up to 14 million Czech crowns.

Other significant educational and research institutions were invited and have agreed to participate as partners in the project:

These institutions have committed to being non-financial partners. Their members and staff will help as experts in defining the actual content together with employees of MSCB, they will propose new exhibits, experiments, lectures and program activities and will ensure the factual correctness of communicated knowledge. Together with this their own for and subjects of research will be popularized, this will enable visitors to gain insight into the most cutting edge research.

Building and Location

The building of pavilion „D“ at BVV Trade Fairs Brno has been chosen to house the MSCB project.

After buying the real estate from BVV a reconstruction will be carried out and the whole pavilion together with surrounding spaces will be detached from the grounds of BVV. The entrance will be moved to Křížkovského street.

The object's position is well suited for transportation as it lies in the city center, it's position is well describable thanks to the neighborhood of BVV with which hopefully a symbiotic relationship will emerge further increasing the attractivity of the whole area.



Total granted funds: 596,5 million Kč (85% from EU sources, 15% national).
Total expected project costs: 598,7 million Kč.

Rough budget sections

Project part Amount in mil. Kč Percent %
Pavilion D purchase 190 32%
Reconstruction of the building 200 33%
Exposition 120 20%
Inside equipment 50 8,3%
Project administration 40 16,7%
Total 600 100%

Operational budget

Expected operational costs for year 2015 are roughly:

Item Amount in mil. Kč Percent %
Salaries 18,97 35,7%
Energies (electricity, heat, water) 5,74 10,8%
Exposition - maintenance and operation 5,11 9,6%
Exposition - renewal and rent 16,76 31,6%
Marketing and promotion 2,81 5,3%
Supplies 0,89 1,7%
Services (insurance, communication, housekeeping,…) 2,84 5,3%
Total 53,12 100%

Opening is expected in September 2014.

Inside view of Pavilion D, control by arrows
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