Goals and Principles

The main goals of the Moravian Science Centre Brno to their visitors are:

  • to awaken joy of exploration, zest of perception and playfulness,
  • promote experimenting and learning form mistakes,
  • encourage thinking about relationships in the world around us.

MSCB should be and open environment in which interesting people and ideas meet. It should become an authority and a trustworthy institution.

  • School by play in SC: SC does not replace school nor does it diminish it's meaning. On the contrary it supplements school and gives it possibilities for which it lacks resources, it makes knowledge attractive.
  • Hands-on and Brains-on: Exhibits require interactions with the visitor who is not only a passive acceptor but actively participates on the outcomes of all experiments.
  • Sparking curiosity: No long texts giving answers to questions visitors have not asked. SC first provokes thought and then helps to find possible answers.
  • Encounters: Scientists with public, scientists with scientists, teachers with teachers, students and pupils with scientists, children with grownups, all sorts of different groups of people.
  • Popularization of science and research: SC gives institutions doing science the possibility to address the public with topics from their work, their results and to persuade anyone that investing into science pays off.
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