Contents of MSCB

The exposition of Moravian Science Centra Brno will be divided into 4 main thematic areas:

  • Planet
  • Civilization
  • Humans
  • Microworld

A separate section will be the Children's science centre for visitors of age 2 to 6.


The PLANET theme is devoted to phenomena and laws that greatly exceed us and with which our experiences are partial or only mediated. In the framework of this theme we look for answers to questions such as „How does planet Earth function as a whole?“, „What are the relationships between global phenomena and local behavior?“. The environment in this area should provide opportunities for discussion with other visitors. The atmosphere should induce a feeling as if in a „planetary observatory“.


The CIVILIZATION theme handles those parts of the planet which are intentionally changed by mankind to its liking by intensive activity. The stress is on processes unseen to the naked eye or on processes shown in new contexts.


The HUMANS theme is of the same dimensional order as each visitor, it not only tackles with his or hers everyday life, it processes his very self. In this part of the exposition we would like to pursue the human body, the intricacies of it's function, human health, physiology of the organs, senses and the process of thinking.


MICROWORLD is on a dimensional scale much smaller then the visitor. The aim is to show that a vast microworld is contained in all previously mentioned themes and so to help realize the interconnection of the whole world. Although the microworld is so small and omnipresent, it seems distant and unexplored to the visitor because it can not be seen with the naked eye.

Children's SC

The target group of the Children's science centre are kinds from 2 to 6 years. In this age children are getting to know basic phenomena which may seem obvious to grownups. Recognizing colors and shapes, building from blocks, driving cars or playing a shop keeper, climbing everything and crawling through everything, hiding, swinging…

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