MSCB s.o.

On 1st January 2013 the Moravian Science Centre Brno, subsidiary organization was founded. Its main goal is to introduce to the wide public scientific knowledge in an interactive and entertaining way, to foster free-time activities related to natural sciences, to participate in out-of-school education of young people and adults, to organize and carry out methodological and research activities and to publish its results.

Identification information

  • Name: Moravian Science Centre Brno, subsidiary organization
  • Address: Křížkovshého 554/12, 603 00, Brno
  • IČO: 29319498
  • DIČ: CZ 29319498 (VAT from 1. 8. 2015)
  • Bank connection: ČSOB, account 267960828/0300
  • Data box ID: 2jyregu
  • Phone: +(420) 725 078 997

The subsidiary organization is registered in the Business register of the Regional court in Brno in section Pr, item number 1779.

Moravian Science Centre Brno, subsidiary organization is a subsidiary established by the Southmoravian regional government.

Main documents in Czech

Reports of activity

An activity report for each year will be published in the first half of the next year (foundation took place on 1. 1. 2013, first annual report will be in 2014).

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